The Music program provides students with a 45min lesson each week with our music teacher Belinda Johnston. The students are engaged in various movement, singing and playing experiences to explore musical concepts. They listen to, improvise, compose, arrange and perform music of a variety of styles and from different cultures.

Concepts such as beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics are taught through a range of instruments including ukuleles, xylophones, keyboards, guitars, and a range of percussion instruments including tambourines, triangles, djembe drums.

Playing time is maximised in the classroom and collaborative skills are valued. Students often work in small or large groups, promoting teamwork and a sense of belonging. Students from Grades 3 to 6 are also invited to join our Senior Choir which is run weekly during lunchtime.

Every second year the school puts on a whole school production, providing opportunities for the students to display their talents and work together to achieve a common goal. Our production will be held this year at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre (Yarra Valley Grammar). It is a great community event for our school which the kids look forward to.