The Visual Arts program at Mooroolbark East Primary School provides students with a 45min lesson each week. Students are challenged to explore a variety of materials, techniques and processes including – Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Textiles, Construction, Mixed Media, Collage and Modelling.

Through practical activities students will explore the Art Elements:  Line, Shape, Colour, Texture, Space and Form. By looking at and discussing the works of other artists and using these elements in their own work, students will develop an understanding of the elements and why we create art.  Exploring the differences in how artists create art and how we can create our own personal artworks.

Through the Visual Arts students have the opportunity to study – history, cultures, ideas, influences, creative thinking, apply math and science skills and how to plan an art project.

Units of work are planned in themes. These include but are not limited to – Artists, Nature, Cultures, Animals, Place and People and Portrait.

Ultimately, art is a wonderful opportunity to relax, create and express.

Jan also has an online blog which features information and photos of student work. It is called ‘MooArts’ and can be found at this link: